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    If you complete Level One (Food Hygiene, HACCP & Allergen Awareness Training, which is an introduction to food safety (basic level), the recommendation is that you refresh your training/renew certification every two years. However, if management or yourself decide training needs to happen sooner, then that is advised.

    If you complete Level Two (EHAI Programme, Primary Course in Food Safety) which is suitable for all food handlers, this certification is valid for five years.

    QQI Level 5 Certification is open ended and as such, does not expire.

    Level 1 (FSAI) acts as an introduction to training so is suitable for non-direct food handlers e.g. front of house staff, kitchen porters, bar staff, care attendants.

    Level 2 (EHAI) is suitable for all direct food handlers, persons who are touching food and could compromise the safety of the product.

    Level 5 (QQI) is ideal for chefs, managers, supervisors or persons in a management role. It will arm one to formulate, implement and maintain a HACCP System in the business, in other words, look after records and ensure proper food safety compliance within the business.

    Level 1:
    €550 + VAT for a group of 15 where training happens In House.
    €45 per learner if completing it online.

    Level 2:
    €155 per learner who attends the public training programmes scheduled nationwide
    Group rates discussed where training happening In House on site.

    Level 5: 
    €500 per learner who attends the public training programmes scheduled nationwide
    Group rates discussed where training happening In House on site.

    The training is planned for different venues all over Ireland.
    Please revert to our Training Schedule.

    Level 1 is a 3.5 HR Programme.

    Level 2 is one full day and Level 5 is three days in duration (one day per week for three weeks).

    Yes Cater Care would be happy to deliver training On Site (In House). This method of training delivery is very effective as it can be tailored to the business and therefore deemed site specific.

    Yes. Cater Care can assist you with formulating, implementing and maintaining your HACCP System within your business. We can also look at your existing system with a view to updating it.

    That depends on the size of your business (the specific product you are producing if you are a food producer or the number of customers you are serving, if you are operating in a Café/Restaurant/Hotel), how many kitchens involved etc.

    We will have a good conversation with you to decipher the specifics, calculate the time required and then send you on a quotation.

    Yes, Cater Care recognises the importance of conducting ongoing audits in food businesses and therefore provide this service to the food industry. All aspects of the business are taken into account and the auditee is furnished with a report supported by photographs after the audit. This audit acts as a tool to push continuous improvements in food safety within the business audited.

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