19th October 2015

New laws on administering life saving vaccines October 2015

Posted by: Cater Care

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has signed new laws this month for the administering of life saving medicines. The life saving rescue medicines must only be administered by a TRAINED member of the public in an emergency situation.

The full range of emergency medicines covered by the new regulations are:

• adrenaline auto-injectors (epipens) (treatment of anaphylaxis)
• glyceryl trinitrate (treatment of unstable angina)
• salbutamol (treatment of asthma attacks)
• glucagon (treatment of diabetic hypoglycaemia)
• naloxone (treatment of opioid overdose)
• entonox (gas mixture consisting of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen) (management of severe pain when used by emergency rescue organisations e.g. mountain rescue teams).

For further information on the impact of this legislation click on the link.


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